The Story of 's Birth

Explore why we built and felt the need of a robust project mnamagement software that helps businesses grow like the Fortune 500.

Agile CRM, our all-in-one CRM for SMBs to market & sell like the Fortune 500 companies was a resounding success! After many long hours and sleepless nights of finding and connecting with our target audience, we started growing, and fast. Many SMBs from around the world started testing out Agile CRM as they realized that it was exactly what they needed to scale their business without a hitch.

We started to grow rapidly. The more, our customer base grew, the more functionality was requested and was offered to make it even easier for them to quickly and efficiently scale up. However, we realized that to ensure we’re producing the same level of quality that we were before, we needed to scale up our teams. At first, it was the occasional freelancer who would tweak this page or write an odd blog post, but we needed something which was more stable and soon, so, we decided to start hiring for and building remote teams.

The Need

project management software can be the key to successfully managing your portfolio of projects within your organization even if you are using the best CRM possible to maintain your leads and sales. However, it is essential that you choose the right project management software. by 500apps has numerous capabilities that will help your projects succeed.

Need came into reality as we saw a huge gap between what was expected from the project managers, what information the project members were supposed to provide and what management wanted to see. Project risk mitigation and goal setting are also troublesome in most project management solutions on the market. If all the required functionalities are there, yet customization or alignment to organizational goals is not there, then actual acceptance of the solution is difficult. is the most versatile tool you can use to manage your projects. And, not only to manage your projects, but to track issues, manage sprints and communicate across teams as well, allowing your projects to run smoothly.

If your project management software lacks some of the most important features, you may find that, ultimately, your projects will not meet the original goals you had intended. It is more important than ever to stay ahead of the competition by investing in software to help you get to the next level, without breaking the bank. With so many project management options out there, it becomes more essential to do your due diligence to find the right one.

The Solution

So, Why

  • provides you status updates, giving you insight into the progress being made on each task.
  • It allows for discussion and a comment box to keep an open line of communication with your team members.
  • lets you set goals, map out a process and track where everything stands.
  • With an excel-like drag and drop interface, you can easily manage your projects in a grid view, instead of hierarchies.
  • lets you mark dependencies to see if one issue needs to be resolved before another.
  • It’s good to have a lot of text in detail, but the visuals are way more powerful than text lines for team management. supports colored statuses that gives you a glance at things without the need to read anything
  • With pie charts, burndown charts and Kanban boards, offers you a visually stimulating way to view data about the health of your projects


These are just a few reasons is the right project management software for your organization. This product also allows for maximum ability to customize fields that let you track, sort and filter tasks since teams always have unique needs. It’s automation feature also allows you to instantly notify users when a new task is created or a status has been changed and automatically assigns tasks as priorities, optimizing internal resources. The fact that it is cloud-based will allow you to access the information from anywhere and anyone can view real-time changes, even if your team is on the other side of the world. also has the ability to integrate with 3rd party apps and integrate with the entire 500apps suite, resulting in a very powerful project management app which can quite easily be turned into an enterprise wide solution.

Successful project management helps organizations save time and money. Not using project management software, or not using the right project management tools means your projects are already off to a bad start and may turn into the risk of failure. Whether you have a small business with a small project team, or a large business with an extensive project team spread throughout the world, you could benefit greatly from the intuitive and robust software by 500apps.

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