How to Choose the Top Task Management Software

Explore some of the amazing tips to find the best task management software and how they can be helpful to your buisness.

If meeting deadlines and managing projects seem tough to you, have you thought of using project management software?

Good project management software makes your life easier by keeping everyone in your team on the same page. It helps ensure that the projects under your supervision are progressive as expected. You can get in-depth visibility into all the performance of all your projects and make reporting within a few clicks.

Usually, lack of empathy, proper tools, and communication are some of the significant reasons for project failure. Here, the right tool can help you achieve your goals consistently and reach heights of success.

Fortunately, when you search for a project management tool, you might be overwhelmed with a lot of options available to you. Choosing the best software that aligns with your needs is important to ensure the success of your project.

If you are thinking about how to select the best project management software, then this article will take you through different steps of choosing it.

Lets us first learn what project management is!

what is project management?

Project management is the process of planning and managing the scope, time, and resources of a specific project. It is the application of methods, knowledge, and experience to achieve project-specific goals within agreed criteria. The final deliverables come with timescale and budget constraints.

What is Project Management

The primary challenge is to meet all goals within the specific time constraints. Here a project management software helps you reach the defined goals.

Key features of project management software solutions:

  1. Project planning and scheduling
  2. Team collaboration
  3. task management
  4. Agile management
  5. Issue management
  6. Project reporting
  7. Project budgeting
  8. Billing and quotes
  9. Time tracking
  10. Gannt chart representations
  11. Kanban view boards

Now, you know the role of project management software in your business. Let’s go through the steps of selecting the best one for you.

Step #1: User-friendly Project Management Software

Selecting the best out of various available project management software is a tricky task. The one that seems comfortable and easy to use at the beginning can become troublesome later. Before finalizing the one, do self-assessment and figure out why you require a project management software.

Pen down your business requirements from it. When you are clear about your needs, selecting the best from many becomes far easier for you. Understanding the “why” is very important.

User-friendly Project Management Software

Once you know it, look for the software with user-friendly features. Your selected software should not be complicated or tough to use, else it will not help you in achieving your business targets.

Its user interface should be simple and intuitive. All members of your team, not just project managers, should be able to use the tool easily. The design of the software should help the users take quick actions in a hassle-free manner. It is important to ensure that all actions you take using your project management software should be easy to find, understand, and use.

Like, the project management software should create projects, track tasks, and also collaborate easily. The more user-friendly the software is, the easier it would be reaching your goals.

Step #2: Free trial

Before making a purchase, testing the entire tool allows you to see whether it is serving the best user experience. All good software provides avail free trial of their products so that you can get a good idea of its features and functioning.

Free trial

A free trial of the software you are considering allows you to try it out at no cost for a limited time period. The free trial of project management software is the ability to use the product or service for free for some time. Using this, you can decide whether the software is the right choice for you before you make the final purchase decision.

This makes it necessary to check if the software offers a free trial or not. Demos give you a better idea about how the product works and is it ideally fits your requirements.

If your provider is not offering a free trial, you can ask for limited period access. Ensure you understand the real working of the software in this limited period. This helps you narrow down the list of your service providers and reach the best one for you.

Step #3: Pricing of Project Management Software

Considering the costs of different project management software is vital. This is because the pricing model for these software varies from one service provider to another. Select the tool wisely by checking the number of features available. Also, it is crucial to check whether the price fits your budget.

Pricing of Project Management Software

Finalize the software after analyzing the payment solution and seeing whether subscription works best for you or not.

Step #4: Custom fields

As different tools come with several dashboards and a lot of fields, so select a software that is compatible with your business. Ensure that your selected project management software supports custom fields.

Custom fields

Custom fields are necessary because they help to track the information required by your team in a specific project.

Step #5: Security

Security is the key factor in every project, and when you are working with external clients, it matters the most. As the project contains lots of confidential data, so the tool must provide data security. Even a minute data breach can result in a considerable loss.


Make sure the project management app is protecting the integrity, confidentially of the project information. By using a secure working platform, you are strengthening your relations with your clients, and this will help you earn profits and touch new heights of success in your business.

Step #6: Support

Ensure robust customer support is associated with the project management tool. A responsive and helpful team is necessary for your hour of need. So ask for the support team of the management software and clarify all your questions before purchasing or finalizing it. You can also check this during the trial period of the software.



Selecting the project management software can seem tough to you, but following the above-discussed steps will make it seamless for you. Select what is best for your business, team, and clients.

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